Refresher Training Program

The Refresher Course is one that can be designed specifically for the truck driving student’s individual needs. This course is offered to:

  • The driver that has had prior commercial driving experience and has let his/her license expire and needs to retest at the DMV, or
  • The driver that currently has a valid Class “A” commercial driver’s license but has not been behind-the-wheel in more than one year.

This course can vary from 40 hours to 120 hours depending on the requirements of a potential employer.

Before you visit our office, contact the potential employers and find out what their requirements are. You will want to find out what:

  • The number of hours required
  • Certification from a state approved school
  • Specific skills needed to be refreshed

If this sounds like what you need, we will help you determine what skills that need to be refreshed and we will pair you with one of our professional instructors. We will get back on the road with confidence so you can restart your career in the truck driving industry. We will prepare you with the latest job search techniques, resume and skills to get you the right job for your professional and personal needs.

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