School Publications

The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) requires each institution to report as part of the annual report, and to publish in the School Performance Fact Sheet and the completion rate for each program.  To view the actual report, click on each performance fact sheet provided.

In order to view, the documents listed below a PDF viewer, like Adobe Reader,  is required.  To download the viewer, please click here.

Truck Driver Training Program

Behind-the-Wheel Training Program

Refresher Training Program

Bus Driver Training Program

Bus Driver with Air Brakes Training Program

Annual Reviews Submitted to BPPE

School Catalog

Must be printed double sided.

School Brochure

Employment Positions Available

All students are entitled to a list of the job classifications that are considered to be in the field of the educational program.  Please click on the list below for the appropriate training program.